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Website referral program.

Refer a business, we'll create their website and you earn £100.

What is a referral?

It’s quite simple really. If you personally know a business owner who is in need of a new website, point them to us!

We’ll then chat with the business owner, look at their website requirements and, if we’re all happy, we’ll get to work on their website, and you earn £100 GBP when the site goes live.

Mobile View of the website for Wright Rubber Surfaces

Referral qualification and payments.

When you refer a business, it must be clear that you have already been in contact with the owner about our website services. The referral is for a new website, not modification of any existing website.

Referrals can submitted from any country accepting GBP payments.

Once we have been in touch with your referral, we’ll discuss their requirements and see if we are a good fit for that business’s needs. Likewise, we’ll decide whether or not the business fits in well with our work remit.

If both parties are happy, we’ll then go about creating a new website for the business. (This process is typically between 4 days and up to 4 weeks.)

On the day the new website goes live, we’ll pay you either via PayPal or directly to your bank account, the choice is yours. A total of £100 GBP will be paid to you (PayPal fees are not covered).  If you are outside of the UK, your payment will automatically be received in your local currency, at the current exchange rate.

Referral submissions.

To submit a referral, simply fill in as much information in the form below and hit the send button. You can send as many referrals as you wish and earn £100 GBP for each one which qualifies. Simple! 

Details such as email addresses and phone numbers are only used for the purposes of the referral program.

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