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Getting your message seen by the right audience.

The importance of marketing.

In today’s world, simply having just a website is not enough. Your target audience needs to know about your site if you want ‘clicks’ and enquiries.

We can help you get started with our ‘Marketing Support’ package.

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Where / how can you market your website?

When creating your website, we optimise it for search engines to help give you a lead over your competition. This is by far the most important marketing factor your site can have.  However, search engine optimisation alone does not automatically place your site at the top of search results. 

Marketing the site is very much down to the amount of time you put towards it, and possibly money. One of the easiest (and free) ways of marketing the site is through social media. We can setup your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) with correctly sized graphics to get you started.

Facebook, as an example, has a large number of groups covering a diverse array of topics. It’s worth joining the groups relevant to your site content / business area and (where allowed) advertise there.

Whilst social media is a good place to get started, marketing can really be as diversely channelled as you wish, depending on time and budget.

This could entail regular blogging, content marketing, email marketing, Google My Business, Quora, online communities, etc. etc.

Whilst we do not provide a full marketing service ourselves, we have a pool of specialists who can help you out.