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E-Commerce / Online shop.

Sell your products through a smart online shop.

Looking to sell products online?

With an online shop, you are not bound to physical shop or store premises, or just your local area for customers.

E-Commerce offers a low cost, flexible way to reach customers, in any part of the world.

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There are many advantages to E-Commerce, here's just a few...

Low costs
Opening a high-street store can be quite expensive. There’s is rent to pay, furnishing, equipment and employees. You would need to make quite a significant financial layout just to get started.

Opening a business online, however, is far less expensive. We can provide you with a hosted solution, meaning the e-commerce functions are ready-built for you to customise with your own products and information.

Speed and flexibility
Opening a bricks-and-mortar store takes time, from finding the right location, size of store, completing a commercial leasing process and finally getting the store up and running.

Unlike a bricks-and-mortar store, a hosted e-commerce site can be up and running within a matter of a few days. You can also change your products and offerings, display and marketing materials almost instantly. The flexibility offered by an e-commerce site means you can quickly adapt your offerings to the changing needs of your customers as well as the changing demands of your business environment.

Another aspect of flexibility is that you can operate the online store from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time of day or night.

Data collection
As is often said, data is king. You can collect data on your buyers, such as what your customers are looking at the most, allowing you to quickly change your offerings based on customer behaviour.

This will also allow you to change the site visitor’s shopping experience to improve the chances of a customer returning to your site, as well as recommending your site to others.